Wisdom from The 9th Annual Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards #BlackWomenInHollywood

As I watched the awards on Saturday night, there was a lot of wisdom given out that night that I thought I would share. It was a powerful hour full of a lot of wisdom. Go over to Essence.com for more information on the event. If you do not have a subscription to Essence, you should.

Oprah Winfrey
“Last year I stood here and honored my Wisdom Teacher, Dr. Maya Angelo, She was my greatest Teacher, my wisdom source. …….. What I know for sure is that we all represent what’s possible when we all come together and realize each of us, you and you and you, and you each others wisdom source and it’s are our to recognize that, that God is being reflected to us all the time through the wisdom of each of us.”

Oprah said that Prolific Story Teller Ava DuVernay ……..
Says “When black women is together, a sacred space can be conjured………”

Fierce and Fearless Award-Tracee Ellis Ross-
(She lost her voice this past week and did not think she would be at the awards.} She learned from that experience -“I am not the sound of my voice, I am me.”
“We should all do what we can in our daily lives to remember we are glorious and powerful more than enough as women of color and as humans. I am no longer afraid of being afraid because I have learned that I am okay……’

The Power Award – Nina Shaw (First African American Entertainment Lawyer)
“I am here today because you used your power and whom & how you will be represented, indeed I stood up for you, but I was able to do so because you stood up with me. Let’s turn our focus to solution. Let’s believe that our power is part of the solution, but it does men that we have to ask and answer some tough questions. Ask yourself, is it okay when your representative put a team in place to guide your career that team no matter the size, might or will consist of two people of color. ……. You must pose the uncomfortable questions to those of us to whom you entrust you career. So how can we use our power for change? If you are a women who wants to be a woman in power, then empower other women. We are much more forceful advocate against gender bias and wage inequality, if you actually hire women. ……… use your own power to be the change you want to see.”

Annual Short Film
Focus Theme this year: Modern Black Family
The Essence Discover Award -Thias Francis
“We’re in this room, because we stand on the shoulders of ancestors who were resilient.”

Gina Rodriquez on Debbie Allen “…… Extremely powerful women of color, but commands herself with respect and humility.”

The Legend Award – Debbie Allen

“It’s hard to take full credit, because I was born into a world that had closed doors, brick ceilings, white only restaurants, dance studios, and move theaters. But the real world I was born in was a world of ideas and thoughts and love and dreams and prayers. That’s the real world, the unseen world that is the world that changes everything. Perception is a learned commodity. You think you are standing on a plant that is solid. It is moving fast through time and space. …………. The world is dancing, the universe is dancing. That is why I came out dancing.
I cant take full credit, because if that I have always worked to a purpose greater than myself. If there is any goal that is it. It is the lot of women to be creative. We hold the landing pad to the human race nestled in our loins. Ever man living and breathing should pledge allegiance to our birth canal……
It is the lot of women to be producers. We came in like that. ……. We can take it. We’re the progenitors. We’re the nurturers. We’re the fighters. The fiercest gang on this plant. We must connect today for real. ……. What is the ideal, what is it you can do? What? I feel like I am in church right now, it’s good and the only plate I want to past is that plate of purpose. It will keep you useful. It will keep stand on your legs……….It will make your life have meaning….”

This is a women that has raised the bar and has achieved a lot in her career and is still with the same husband for 32.2 years. Eric and I have one more year and we will have reached 32 years of marriage. It’s amazing what we can achieve, if we stick together.